2 Piece Gift Box
Our celebration memento box, (2 pieces of dark or milk - really a teaser).
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4/5 Piece Gift Box
Our sampler box of 4, perfect for letting someone know you were thinking of them.
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12/15 Piece Gift Box
A smaller version of our most popular gift box with either 15 dark or 12 milk truffles.
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18/21 Piece Gift Box
Our most popular medium sized gift box. Either 21 sumptuous dark or 18 milk chocolate truffles.
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36 Piece Gift Box
Our large gift box with 36 chocolates, a most impressive assortment and presentation.
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54 Piece Gift Box
Our largest and most impressive box,filled with a huge assortment of our best chocolate.
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Small Heart Gift Box
Small heart shaped gift box filled with an intimate selection of chocolates and truffles.
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Med Heart Gift Box
Our medium heart shaped box with a magnificent assortment of truffles.
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Large Heart Gift Box
Our largest heart shaped box with a magnificent assortment of truffles, far too big to be eaten alone.
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5 Piece Gift Box
5 pieces in a line for a perfect pick me up.
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8 Piece Gift Box
Token gift of 8 of our outstanding and most popular truffles.
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Our custom gift box filled with the most popular of our specialty pieces.
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